As the world faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional in-person events were no longer viable, presenting a significant obstacle for businesses aiming to maintain engagement and connectivity. Kelly Services, a global leader in workforce management solutions, recognised the necessity of adapting to this new reality to continue their engagement with clients and professionals.In partnership with Kelly Services, we focused on leveraging creative and technical expertise to reimagine the possibilities of virtual events.



Our approach was multifaceted, emphasising the creation of dynamic virtual design assets to capture and sustain audience interest. The core of our strategy included: We produced five high-quality promotional videos using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D, designed to engage and excite potential attendees about the upcoming virtual event. These videos served as a powerful tool for driving registration and participation, showcasing the innovative spirit and resilience of Kelly Services during challenging times. Beyond motion videos, our team developed a suite of virtual design assets tailored to enhance the online event environment. These assets were crafted to create a cohesive and immersive experience, ensuring that every participant, regardless of their location, felt connected and engaged throughout the event. The transition to a virtual event format, supported by our creative contributions, resulted in a highly successful outcome for Kelly Services. The promotional motion videos and virtual design assets not only facilitated a seamless online experience but also helped maintain the sense of community and connection that is often lost in the shift from in-person to virtual events.